Audi Coupe TT - One Of The Finest Coupe

January 5, 2011 |
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Not many of the times looks complements the drive of the car. But that’s surely is not the case with the Audi Coupe TT. The Coupe TT has got the perfect blend of looks and drive and the drive of the car complements the drive of the car completely. This beautifully built car is perfect for the budget consumers and we must say that the cheaper models of the car are surprisingly affordable.

The only thing that might work against this Audi Coupe TT is the fact that the car is kind of default choice and hence you surely wont be alone driving the car. Also if you go for the models up the range, then you won’t get that great value for money.

The performance for this Audi Coupe comes from 3 turbo petrol engines: a 2.0 lt engine generating 208bhp, a 2.0 TTS engine generating 270bhp and a 5 cylinder TT RS engine generating maximum power of 335bhp. All the engines are immensely powerful; especially the RS one is immensely fast. For the diesel engine lovers there is a 2.0 litre diesel engine generating maximum power of 168bhp. The diesel engine of the car is smooth, delivers crispy performance and revs generously. The best thing is that despite being such a powerful engine, it delivers decent fuel economy of 50mpg. All the engines of the car are mated with 6 speed manual gearbox, as their standard transmission and most of the most of them are also available with a superb S tronic 6 speed semi-auto ‘box.

As far as the ride and handling is considered, we must say that you won’t find any car as good to drive and handle as this Audi Coupe TT, for the money at which this Coupe TT is available. The body control for the car is remarkably tight, as well, but still the car offers sufficiently comfortable ride.

The sharp styling of this Audi Coupe is enhanced by its equipments and the standard equipments of the car include alloy wheels, remote central locking, climate control and leather and Alcantara upholstery. Some other equipment for the car includes electric mirrors and windows, and in addition to all this and to enhance the boot space of the car there is the folding rear seats. Go for the S line version and you will get a complete set of aesthetic goodies and sports suspension.

So with all these features, equipments and performance figures, the Audi Coupe TT, surely is one of the finest Coupe of its price range. As a matter of fact the price at which the TT coupe is available, you won’t get any better option than this.

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