BMW to Launch Dynamic Concept for the upcoming car in 2013

November 25, 2010 |
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As the technology is growing faster there has been various modifications done by the various cars by different manufacturer across the world. Every company struggles for the leading positions and hence to maintain good reputation, the automakers are giving their best shot. It is all about producing he power electric car which the manufactures like the Audi for e - Tron, SLS AMG version for the Mercedes Benz and now BMW to introduce the amazing vision efficient dynamic concept in the production of the new car. BMW has announced the upcoming car type which specifically designed for the green sports car in the market.

The BMW has not yet disclosed the chassis and power strain that is to be used in the production of the new series. At present all we have find out the use of vision efficient Dynamic concept in the upcoming car of the BMW for the year 2013. The height of the cars is 4.0 ft, four people can easily accodomate, amazing body style which has lifting wing doors vertically attached, LED accents and futuristic drag coefficient 0.22 for the tail and head lamps.

The three cylinders along with the hybrid motor in the front axle and the full hybrid engine in the rear axle offers the out put 328 or more than that. The average fuel results in the 62.5 mpg within the end result of 0 – 6- mph in 4.8 seconds. The hybrid power strain placed in which allows the engine to accelerate the wheels in the same form of rear axle motor with six speed gear box. While the front wheels which are totally based on the electric works on the three systems offering the amazing speed performance. This helps in controlling the speed at high ways or event on the city roads.

The Vision efficient dynamic concept is totally based on the rechargeable battery for the Lithium polymer which is been placed in the centre of the chassis and is specially designed to give a look of the sports car. The use of this allows zero emissions at the rate of 30 miles along with the 24 L diesel tank which can be extended at the radius of 434 miles of the vehicle. The sales for the car with the introduction of the new dynamic concept for the vision efficient will be in the market of October 2013. The target volumes has been calculated by the BMW is in the range of 5, 000 – 10, 000 units. Besides the high volumes and the large target for the sales of this BMW Hybrid car, the reports of the survey were largely involved for the success in the selling the bets model ever in the market. This car will be successor for the M 1 and the legend for the new generation on the amazing rides on the roads.

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