Ferrari World Opens To Public At Abu Dhabi

November 25, 2010 |
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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is finally ready to set the largest indoor theme park and has been open to the public. The major attraction for the Ferrari world is various features and one of the largest and fastest roller coasters which will reach up to the speed of 149 mph. The inauguration was delayed due to the death of the Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Quasimi, who was the ruler of the neighboring emirate of the Ras Al Khaimah. At the opening ceremony more than 10, 000 guests were present along with the global media so that the whole world will know the amazing destination for vacations.

As the Ferrari World opens to public, the place is getting more attention specially who are huge fans of the Ferrari. The dubbed Ferrari cars are been use in the “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi” , which is now the favorite destination for the cars lovers. The ionic red roofs offer by the park looks similar to the Ferrari GT model, spanning around 2, 152, 780 sq. ft and is the largest carrying Ferrari logo.

The Parke includes more than 20 rides and amazing attractions including the world’s largest and fastest roller coaster. This rides are been designed and you can take the pleasure of all rides only when you are been tested by all health test. As some of the rides in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, are been allotted to certain ages so that while riding you will not suffer any problems. The Formula Rossa, the crowning jewel offers you the 4.8 Gs acceleration which will take you the height of 170 feet. While riding on the adventurous rides, you will experience the real racing tracks on the earth. The ride of F 1 is so fast that it is important to wear the goggles to protect your eyes.

The Ferrari’s Maranello is another major attraction, and experiencing the ride in this car will be unforgettable which actually gives you the feel of traveling in the real car. Besides this there are several models of the Ferrari where you will experience the real rides on the fast racing tracks. The Ferrari cars like Formula Rossa, Speed of magic, Maranello, V 12, G – Force, Scuderia , Viaggio, Fiorana GT and Bell “ Italia are the major attractions in the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi. The other attractions includes Paddock, Pit wall, Galleria Ferrari, Junior GT, Junior Grand Pix, Racing legends, Carousel and many more. Besides this there is training camp for the kids so that you kid will also enjoy the amazing rides at Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi.

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