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Recent Reviews

Acura Legend- Somewhat True To Its Name
Feb 18th, 2011   Comment now

It takes a lot of courage to name anything a “Legend”, and when you are making a car of this then you have to make sure that you don’t end up becoming a joke in automotive world with your car. Luckily Honda’s luxury car brand succeeded in doing so, and their Acura Legend is a real legend in all sense. The Acura Legend was...

Ferrari Testarossa - The Real Supercar
Feb 16th, 2011   Comment now

Ferrari is one of the very few auto makers on Earth, which actually doesn’t need an introduction, and it’s not at all tough for any car fanatic to draw a mental image of a Ferrari car, especially when the car is as popular as the Ferrari Testarossa. The Ferrari Testarossa entered the ‘80s with cream colored interiors in combination...

Acura RSX - An Appealing Hatchback For Used Car Dealers
Feb 11th, 2011   Comment now

Replacing the Acura Integra coupe, the Acura RSX is an entry level car and is available as a two-door sport hatchback. The RSX debuted in 2002 and was in the market till 2006, when Acura decided to move upscale and didn’t found RSX to match their scheme. However, both the versions of the Acura RSX are still appealing the used car customers,...


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2000 GMC
PRICE: $ 110000

1998 Mazda
PRICE: $ 123365

2002 Dodge
PRICE: $ 86815

1997 Mercury
PRICE: $ 70579

2001 Dodge
PRICE: $ 109000

2004 GMC
PRICE: $ 112623

1999 Jeep
PRICE: $ 109741

1987 Buick
PRICE: $ 130000